About Bullion Investments Australia

Bullion Investments Australia operates as a news and publishing medium on gold investment related topics, from gold bullion and silver bullion product advice to gold mining, gold refinery and mint profiles. We aim to assist gold buyers in making informed choices about buying gold and selling gold at the correct time and price. We also sometimes profile mining stocks and gold share prices, and aim to provide a complete resource of news in the gold industry, from gold miners and mints to gold jewellery markets and gold bullion dealers.

Common Topics Covered:

Electronic Gold Investment

Buyers of gold can choose to invest in many forms, from the electronic investment side there are a few options, such as Gold EFT’s to direct gold price related stocks via SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), there are also gold mining stocks of varying risk categories, small cap’s which investment should be limited to a maximum of $1000 AUD, to more establishing mining companies where a higher amount can be added at lower risk, and some gold bullion refineries and mints offer allocated storage options where by you invest with multiple other investors in a large amount of gold bullion at the current market price, meaning provided the refinery / mint stays in operation without bankruptcy, you can buy and sell at will without having to physically own gold bullion and provide your own safe storage.

Physical Gold Bullion Investment

Owning physical gold bullion is the most common method of gold ownership, and has been by individuals, banks and governments over the centuries. Ownership of gold provides a variety of benefits, provided you are able to store it safely (80kg+ dual digital and dial safe is recommended), ownership of gold means you know 100% that you actually own the value of gold you have purchased, and will allow for long term secure storage without excess storage or allocation fees charged by private mints, banks and refiners. Gold bullion stored on premises also makes it more secure than digital means, and protects you from the holder of gold on your behalf becoming insolvent, which often means regardless of whether you own the gold, the gold on premises becomes property of the company at time of insolvency.

Gold Coins, Gold Jewellery and Scrap Gold

Another popular method or form of physical gold ownership is the purchase of second hand gold coins, gold jewellery or collection of scrap gold from items such as computers. This method often offers the hobby collector an advantage provided they are willing to travel to various places such as garage sales, searching for gold jewellery for sale. When purchasing gold coins and gold jewellery second hand, the majority of hobbyists will use acid test kits, these are available online for gold and silver, and are the cheapest accurate method of obtaining golds purity.

Searching online will reveal the most common types of gold coins, by far the british based sovereign is one of the most common gold coins in Australia, and the 1966 round 50c piece is the most popular silver coins collected locally. There are however a wide variety of coins which people have invested in over the years, and sometimes you can find some interesting bargains.

Such test kits also come with a small grinding stone, where by you run the gold or silver item along it up and down to form a line, then apply drops of acids and watch the reaction to determine the purity. More advanced and experienced collectors, or those looking to purchase amounts of jewellery worth more than around $2000 a piece, can invest in more advanced methods such as Gold XRF Analysis machines, which come in portable hand held versions along with desktop detection devices requiring a 240v power supply.