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Gold & Paper Currency

Purchasing gold or purchasing silver or some other valuable metal is a sharp approach to protect your riches and obtaining influence in correlation to paper money. This is because of the way that most coinage

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Gold Industry Is Getting Stronger Despite Low Prices

With a bearish gold market, investors are losing their nerves. Many already bet against the precious metal. But, some can see further than the negative (are pretty naive) forecasts that are pretty common on the

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Unreal Forecasts On Gold Prices Keep Rolling

For investors who had always been inclined to the precious metal safe haven, it is truly a shame what is happening right now. With the lowest prices in the last five years, gold isn’t the

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What Is Spot Pricing? A Brief History

The price of an iPhone might be the same for quite a while, but that is not the same when it comes to a precious metal such as gold. The price of a few things

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Platinum And Palladium Investment: Yes or No?

When speaking of precious metals investment, most of us have heard a lot about gold and silver, but not about these metals. Some of them have a misconception that gold is the only precious metal

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