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Seabridge Gold May Change the Panorama for the Precious Metal Market

For years, Seabridge Gold was expecting a major license from the Canadian government to start working on a project that was approved back in 2014. But this isn’t an ordinary project. Seabridge’s KSM Project will be the

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Gold Futures Enjoy Gains In Front Of General Uncertainty This Week

Friday 21th closed the second week in a row where gold futures enjoyed gains. Basically, this week was defined by a few cents up but nothing more. Despite this minor gain, experts can identify a

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Gold is Being Helped by FED’s Hesitation and Strong Monsoon in India

Seems like the gold rally is far from ending. After a promising economy report from the FED, investors and analysts felt the need of having more faith in a short-term interest rate increase. Because of

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Precious Metals at A Glance

The precious metals industry is currently under siege, the low prices of gold has actually caused miners to restrict production as the cost of mining an ounce of gold edges closer to the precious metals

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Investing In Gold

Most people have this notion that the ultimate dollar hedge is gold and as an investment it is one of the few investments that has the power to shield investors from the corrosive effects of

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Physical Gold Investments

It has been common knowledge that physical gold is worth holding due to its status as a universal finite currency and if it was not, then why would most central banks keep a hoard of

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Gold Mining

The gold mining industry has reached its threshold, and this is not too far from the truth. The most broadly utilized to mine gold is the hardest and most perilous mining strategy on the planet. Not just

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Gold & Paper Currency

Purchasing gold or purchasing silver or some other valuable metal is a sharp approach to protect your riches and obtaining influence in correlation to paper money. This is because of the way that most coinage

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Gold Industry Is Getting Stronger Despite Low Prices

With a bearish gold market, investors are losing their nerves. Many already bet against the precious metal. But, some can see further than the negative (are pretty naive) forecasts that are pretty common on the

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