Physical Gold Investments

It has been common knowledge that physical gold is worth holding due to its status as a universal finite currency and if it was not, then why would most central banks keep a hoard of gold in their vaults? These financial institutions do not hold gold because they intend to sell it and make profits in the form of paper money, but in fact they keep a stash of gold, just in case the paper currency that they issue become worthless or depreciates in value.

The same case scenario should be applied to the family home as any investments into gold should never be looked upon as a revenue generator; instead it should be regarded as a form of ‘saving for a rainy day’ or financial insurance if one would rather prefer to call it. Trading gold is always ill advised as only the bigger guns with a lot of staying power due to financial resources make money out of it whilst the little fish get ‘eaten alive’ literally.

As most individuals would have already heard that gold is a safe haven that protects wealth against financial elements such as inflation or economic downturns, what most people never seem to grasp is that gold is without any doubt the best way to preserve wealth and pass it on to the next generation, because if there is anything that history has thought us, it is the fact that gold has been on a constant rise in value.

This is only because, as the global population increases the amount of gold per individual decreases as there is only so much gold on the planet, it is limited and the amount of gold per individual is rapidly decreasing.
Buying jewellery as an investment into gold is not very cost effective as the jewellers overheads consume most of its future value and as such modern day bullion or P.A.M.P gold is the best way to go about it as it not only allows investors to own investment-grade gold at a small premium to the spot price, but it also offers them a level of liquidity that is convenient from any perspective.

Bullion coins are actually the best sort of long term investment when it comes to precious metals as gold, silver, and platinum in the form of bullion coins that are minted in renowned or credible mints such as the Perth Mint not only follow the spot gold price, but it also increases in numismatic value and more often than not become worth more than their weight as time passes by and they become rare. Most numismatic or older coins are bought not just for the precious metal content in them but also for its appeal in terms of rarity, historical and aesthetic value.

Some of these coins are known to fetch very high prices that could run into millions, but this also depends on the condition of the coins. Nevertheless, owning physical gold is without any doubt the best way if not the only way to invest in gold.