Platinum And Palladium Investment: Yes or No?

When speaking of precious metals investment, most of us have heard a lot about gold and silver, but not about these metals. Some of them have a misconception that gold is the only precious metal worth investing on. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, then yes, gold is the best choice, but you must also note that there are other precious metals you should invest in too.

Platinum and palladium are precious metals which are mostly used in jewellery and ornaments, but they also have great technical importance. However, investors do not realise this. But even if some of them do, they still prefer to choose gold or silver, and there are many reasons for that.

Firstly, the supply of gold and silver is much greater than that of platinum and palladium. This is a common fact. Platinum and Palladium are rare metals, and the cost of them is also very high. The truth is that these metals are more popular among collectors, rather than investors.

The supply of platinum is only one tenth of the supply of gold and one – hundredth the supply of silver.

There is an abundant amount of gold and silver in the world, and the supply is high. Likewise, the demand is also high. That is a vicious cycle, and the only justification for this can be due to the fact that platinum and palladium are not very attractive to look when compared to gold. People are crazy about gold, and that is what makes the metal so famous.

But jewelers prefer platinum to gold, and that is quite interesting. There are very few people who have a taste for platinum jewellery. Gold is cheaper than platinum and looks better when worn. Platinum and palladium are rare metals and hence they come at a greater price.

But apart from the cosmetic reasons, platinum and palladium have other significances, as mentioned earlier in this article. Palladium is even rarer than platinum and it is costlier. When the supply of something valuable is less, its demand is always more. There are a lot of other things that come in this criteria.

Speaking of platinum and palladium, you cannot easily find these metals first, even if you want to invest in them. They are not very easily available. But if you find them, you could be hitting a jackpot. Most investors who use gold or silver as an investment will not be ready to vouch for platinum and palladium.

That is because you get a steady profit out of gold, but when it comes to platinum and palladium, there are lesser takers.

But you will earn a lot of money if you know the tricks of the trade. Since these are industrial metals, there will be a lot of industries looking out for them. Platinum is also used in medical surgery these days. It is believed that platinum might become popular in the forthcoming years, since its applications are increasing by the day, and so does the demand.

In all ways, it is not very easy to invest in platinum and palladium, but if you should consider to invest, then you will have to do a good research. It is also a good idea to consult people who are experts in this since the normal financial advisor would be a bad idea.

With that said, it is not wrong, neither is there any harm in choosing to invest in platinum and palladium.

If you get your facts right, you can really do wonders and become  a great investor. The hard work will be worth it. So, if you want to invest in these metals, just go ahead, and be different, but also make sure that you do the needed homework.